We’ve decided to extend the deadline for submitting bids to host Semiofest 2017; by 2 weeks. We’ve received a number of expressions of interest from various parties but due to the logistics of getting everything ready we’re giving everyone more time. The new deadline to submit your bids by Friday, August 5th. The result will be announced 2 weeks later, on August 19th. We are excited by the enthusiasm in the community, so thanks for supporting Semiofest.

By popular consensus Semiofest 2016 was the best ever in the 5 years since SF was launched.  Each year, it has become better and better.

Do you want to bring Semiofest and the spirit of this great event to your city, be the host of the 6th edition?

Semiofest is run on a franchise model, so each year we invite a local team to lead event organization. So, we are now looking for a new local organizing committee to step forward to carry this momentum forward into 2017! Making Semiofest  bigger, better, fresher, with its own unique style and new flavor.

To know more about Semiofest please check out our about page here. To see the Tallinn event, please visit the Facebook page or follow us on Twitter

But back to the basics – why host Semiofest in your market?  Here are five good reasons to consider it:

  1. To promote semiotics. You love semiotics, you believe in it…and want to help propagate its value.
  2. To raise your profile. Semiofest is a great brand to add to your professional and personal profile.
  3. To devise a fresh event with your own unique signature for a global community of professionals.
  4. To widen your professional network – enrich your network with connections for future endeavors.
  5. To show off your hometown. You live in a wonderful city – so showcase its ‘signifiers’ to the world!


We cannot promise a financial reward to hosting, as a not-for-profit venture we are run on a volunteer basis. What we can promise however is a stimulating experience, collaborative working and the satisfaction of a brilliant event.

Every year since 2013 (aside from 2014-2015) we’ve received at least 2 bids so we hope this year will prove as popular. If you're interested in putting in a bid from what you’ve read so far then please read on for more details.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the bidding process, then visit ‎

The deadline for submission is Friday 5th August 2016. Thanks in advance for your interest in Semiofest. Results will be announced on Friday 19th August 2016.




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